IMMOBILIARE CASA ITALIA 101 Estate Agency provides its customers high professional services


  • assessment of the immovable property and identification of the best achievable price, not only using personal experience but also with the support of a software which is useful to make an efficient real estate market analysis, to compare millions of data and finally create a REPORT which include:
    • a dossier with the property characteristics and its image;
    • an analysis related to the local real estate market (number of properties available on the market, number of properties with specific characteristics...);
    • a comparative analysis about the competitors (position, price...);
    • homogeneous local zones values (OMI);
    • recently sold properties:
    • local assessments of other colleagues;
    • a graphic representing the right positioning on the market.
  • market analysis related to the opportunity of its transformation, in order to be advantageous for the sale;
  • photo report of the property, in order to promote it on various websites;
  • advertisement by using the best communication supports (newspapers, shop windows, internet...);
  • home staging: suggesting useful modifications to improve the property;
  • report about the professional activity during the assignment;
  • selection of potential purchasers


  • expert advisers in property searching, with reference to the purchaser's needs, also using databases.
  • document collection for the evaluation of the offer;
  • support for the evaluation of the additional costs related to the real estate purchase;
  • post-purchase support;
  • advice for the renovation.


  • evaluations and assessments
  • support and consultation about the purchase of properties at judicial auctions
  • consultation and drafting of real estate agreements and rental agreements
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